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"Because every garden needs a little TLC"

Who's TOPO ?

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I have always had a passion for gardening. I remember when I was quite young spending time with my mother helping her plant her summer annuals and vegetable garden. I had my first garden business at the age of 14, cutting grass, digging holes to plant trees and shrubs and looking after properties while their owners were away on summer vacation.
First and foremost, we have the deer problem. As cute as they are to look at, they create a significant problem that has to be dealt with. Either we accept them and drastically reduce the varieties of plants we enjoy in our gardens, or we deer proof our properties at considerable expense; however we then have the opportunity to enjoy almost any type of plant we desire.

The other major concern is our dry summers. Once again we have options - limit our selections to drought resistant varieties, or irrigate. What style of garden you want to have, in conjunction with how much you're willing to spend on watering will determine which direction you take.

Whether you just need us to cut your lawn when you're away, Spring or Fall clean ups, getting ahead of the weeds in the garden, or a complete makeover, together we can create the garden you've always dreamed of.
I started gardening in earnest when I purchased my first home, transferring a standard drab suburban garden into something that people slowed down to look at as they drove by. Over the years and several homes later, I had experimented with different ideas and styles, learning what worked with the weather and different soil types.

During the summers the garden was my respite from the stress of the office and a place where I could relax and entertain with family and friends. Winters were spent reading gardening books and magazines and planning new beds and plantings for the upcoming season.

Moving to Vancouver Island had been a dream of mine since first visiting here in 1974. Naturally I fell in love with the climate and the thought of being able to garden almost year round was a dream come true.

As great as our climate is, there are issues when it comes to gardening here that most Canadians don't have to deal with.